Fun Food For Kids To Escape From The Junk Food Jungle

Healthy Recipes for Kids

Fat kids are hitting the headlines again. The British government is worried about the growing number of five year olds (about 25%) who are already overweight Junk Food Jungle. They claim that this could affect life expectancy if the trend is allowed to continue. Other experts say that this is an exaggeration and that these levels of obesity will not affect the mortality rate.

No matter what your stance is on this,

we still have to make sure our kids eat right. That means finding fun food recipes for kids. Discovering a nutritional health program at school and at home will be of paramount importance for a healthy lifestyle from now right into adulthood.

Just think – kids view over 20,000 food ads each year. They are brainwashed and bombarded with ads for all sorts of food and most of them are bad. As kids snack constantly – if it’s healthy foods, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Unfortunately the snack foods in most homes are loaded with trans fats and sugar, not good. Recent studies show that the food additives and colorings in these foods is a possible cause of hyperactivity in children.

Junk Food Jungle

Getting kids to help you in the kitchen is a great way of involving them and making them aware of what they eat. Kids love to try cooking and have great fun in eating what they have prepared. Their spirit of adventure is greater than we think and if they follow our boring choices, then we only have ourselves to blame.

Teenagers who had always eaten with their families were much more likely to be on a healthier nutritional program when they moved into adulthood and were drinking less soda and eating more fruit and vegetables.

Kids are curious by nature so a great way to exploit that is to eat lots of new things and rave about them. The kids will be much more likely to imitate you and will enjoy trying new dishes.

Why do kids always choose the same old boring things on the kids’ menus? Fact is they are just repeating the same old routine and going for the fish fingers and chicken nuggets which they always have at home! Again, being enthusiastic about.

food is a great way for parents to get them out of the rut. Another way is to not let them choose from the kids’ menu but to have something with you from the normal menu – in this way they can be involved in the choice.

The University of Minnesota found that the situation as regards school lunches was not as hopeless as they feared. They found that there had been no drop off in sales when nutritional health dishes were served.This means more expense for the schools as they have to retrain cooking staff. Encourage by these results, some of the schools in the State now serve a low-fat turkey hot dog instead of the traditional one.

Getting out your blender and using it for kids recipes is a great way of getting them into a healthy nutritional program without them even knowing. As we all know, kids are not all that keen on fruit and vegetables but a lot of smoothie recipes are really delicious and kids will go for them. These are way better than a bottle of soda.

Source by Robert William Locke


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